My Photos (Yusuke Oike)

My Photos

Ph.D. Degree Conferral, Univ. of Tokyo (Mar. 2005)

I received the Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan. I gratefully acknowledge Prof. Asada, Prof. Ikeda and all the members of Asada-Ikeda Lab with deepest appreciation.

Cathedral in Seville, Spain (Jun. 2004)

I visited Seville, Spain to join World Automation Congress 2004. It was a boiling hot day. The diurnal temperature reached 43 degrees!
This picture was taken by Prof. Asada. Thank you.

Symp. VLSI Circuits in Hawaii (Jun. 2004)

I joined Symposium on VLSI Circuits 2004 at Waikiki, Hawaii on Jun. 2004, and presented a pixel-level color demodulation sensor for support of image recognition. I was impressed by the beautiful beach.
This picture was taken by T. Iizuka, who is one of my colleagues. Thank you.

IP Award Ceremony (May 2004)

I received the Outstanding IP Award from Nikkei-BP LSI IP Design Award Committee. The award ceremony was held at Tokyo on May 2004. I had a chance to make a speech on behalf of the award winners.
This picture was taken by Prof. Koide. Thank you.

Cabo da Roca, Portugal (Sep. 2003)

I joined European Solid-State Circuit Conference 2003 (ESSCIRC) at Estoril, Portugal on Oct. 2003. I visited "Cabo da Roca", which is the most westerly point of Eurasia Continent and has beautiful scenery with a ocean cliff.
This picture was taken by H. Yamaoka, who is one of my colleagues. Thank you.

Demonstration of Real-Time 3-D Imaging (Mar. 2003)

We demonstrated our real-time 3-D imaging system at Scientific Research on Priority Areas Symposium, Sendai, Japan. Our smart CMOS imager with VGA pixel resolution achieves >60 range_maps/sec and <1mm range resolution.
This picture was taken by Prof. Ikeda. Thank you.

Ski Trip with Lab. Members (Mar. 2003)

We had a ski trip in Yamagata Zao, Japan. Zao is the unique place which has beautiful trees glazed with ice in Japan. I'm the fourth man from the right, who wears a blue hair band.

Presentation at ISSCC 2003 (Feb. 2003)

I presented an active range finder with feeble light detection in wide range of background illumination at ISSCC 2003. ISSCC 2003 was held on Feb. 9-13, 2003 at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel.
This picture was taken by Prof. Ikeda. Thank you.

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